panther   Links to Math Teachers

• Ms. C. Wu

• Mr. S. Chang

• Mr. N. Cheng

• Mme Chiru (French Immersion)

• Mr. A. Lee (Burnaby South)

• Mr. J. Chien (Burnaby South)

• Dr. A. Adler (University of BC)

• Dr. P. liljedahl (Simon Fraser University)

• The first four links are blogs of math teachers that are currently teaching in Moscrop secondary school

• The links to the two teachers in Burnaby South are two excellent Math Teachers. Mr.A Lee is a recipient of the Outstanding Mathematics Teachers Award from the BCAMT

• Dr. Adler is a renowned mathematics professor from UBC. He is involved in writing questions for some of the top math contests in Canada

• Dr. Liljedahl is an innovative math professor from SFU.

desmos   Online Graphing Tools

• Desmos Graphing Calculator

• Geogebra Online Interactive Graphing Calculator

• Symbolab Graphing Calculator

• NCTM Illuminations - Math Applets

• Wolfram Alpha - Online Math Solver

• Waldomaths - Interactive Math Applets


  Online Math Videos and Tutorials

• Khan Academy for Online Learning

• MathTV.com

• HippoCampus

• Patrick - Just Math Tutorials

waterloo   Resources for Math Contests

• Art of Problem Solving

• CEMC Math Contest Page

• Math Challengers Competitions Page

• Math Challengers Archives Page

• Math Counts USA

• COMC - Canadian Open Math Challenge

• CNML - Math League

frog   Math Fun Stuff

• Math Frogs - Math Games for HS students

• Funny Math T-Shirts

• Mathematical Beauty in Nature

• Who Wants to be an Actuary
• Math Frog is a website with math games. It is associated with the University of Waterloo
tool   Teacher Tools and Stuff

• Bubble Us - Brainstorming Tool

• Math For






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