10 Honours Ch1 Quiz



Given that pr001-1.jpg, then what is pr001-2.jpg=?


Find the domain of each of the following functions:
a) pr002-1.jpg                  b) pr002-2.jpg           

c) pr002-3.jpg                  d) pr002-4.jpg


Given that pr003-1.jpg, what is the value of pr003-2.jpg?

b)Suppose pr003-3.jpg, then what is the value of ‘z’?


Given that pr004-1.jpg, evaluate the following:
a) pr004-2.jpg                  b) pr004-3.jpg                        c) pr004-4.jpg


Given that pr005-1.jpg is a linear function such that pr005-2.jpg, then what is the value of pr005-3.jpg


Given that pr006-1.jpg, then what is the domain and range of pr006-2.jpg?


Given the table of values for pr007-1.jpg, pr007-2.jpg, then what is the value of pr007-3.jpg

b) Solve:  pr007-4.jpg                  c) pr007-5.jpg            d) pr007-6.jpg

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