Ch4 ONline Test Rates and Ratios

Short Answer


Given the following equivalent ratios, find the missing constant “k”.  Write your answer as a fraction:
sa001-1.jpg                   ii)        sa001-2.jpg             iii) sa001-3.jpg


If a car can travel 65km each hour, then how many hours would it take to travel 400km?  Give your answer to 2 decimal places in hours.


Susan bought a map that has a ratio of 1:5,000,000.  If the distance between two cities is 5cm on the map , then how far apart are the two cities?


If 10cm on a map represents 480km, then what is the ratio of the maps scale?


Jim wants to buy cheese and he has 3 options: Store A: 500g for $5.85, Store B: 1.25kg for $13.75, or store C: 2.25kg for $25.  Which store has the cheapest rate? Find the cost per kg for each store.


2,223 people attended a conference and most people were either students or working professionals.  The ratio of professionals to students was 9 to 4.  How many students attended the conference? How many professionals attended the conference?


Given the following ratios, which one is not equivalent to the others? sa007-1.jpg


Which car is travelling faster? Car A) 355km/4.5hr   vs   car B) 270km/3.5hr. 
How many km/hr faster is the faster car?


The ratio of the length to the width of a rectangle is 4 to 7.  If the area of the rectangle is 1008cm2, then what are the dimensions of the rectangle?


Lawrence want to buy hotdogs and burgers for a bbq.  Hotdogs come in packages of 20 and cost $8.75.  Burgers come in packages of 12 and cost  $13.75.   Lawrence can spend up to $30 in hotdogs and up to $40 in burgers.  If he spends all that he can, then what is the ratio of the numbers of hotdogs to the number of burgers?


Jason is travelling 450km between two cities.  In the first 150km, he was travelling at 120km/h.  In the rest of the distance he was travelling at 85km/hr.  Then much time did it take Jason to travel 450km in total?

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