Ch2 Practice Test B Rates Ratios

Numeric Response


If 5 carpenters can produce 64 tables in 4 days, how many tables can 8 carpenters produce in 10 days?



Express the ratio of 0.18 to 2.4 as a common fraction



In a certain community in Surrey, there are 333 households bought their house with a mortgage from the Bank of Nova Scotia and 1017 households with TD Bank.  What is the ratio of the number of households that went with the Bank of Nova Scotia to the number of household with TD Bank?  Express your answer as a common fraction



A 48-inch candle burns 1.6 inches in 20 minutes.  At the same rate, what percent of the candle will burn in 1 hour?



One dozen eggs cost $1.32.  It would cost 36¢ more to buy the eggs individually.  What is the number of cents it would cost to buy one egg?



The ratio of length to width to height of a rectangular prism  is 4:3:2. If the surface area of  the prism is 468 m2, how many cubic meters are in its volume?



The measures of the angles of a triangle are in the ratio of             nr007-1.jpg. What is the number of degrees in the measure of the largest angle



A biker completes nr008-1.jpg of a trip in 48 minutes.  If the biker continues at the same average rate, how many more minutes are required to complete the trip?



The ratio of reds  to blues in Mark’s marble collection is 3:8.  He currently has 36 reds and plans to buy 30 more.  How many blues does he need to buy to keep the same ratio?



A building project is to be completed in 35.  After 5 days we found that the 8 people assigned to the work had already done nr010-1.jpg of the job.  If everyone works at the same rate, what is the least number of people he must keep on the job to ensure that the job will be completed on time?



A water tank isnr011-1.jpg full of water. If three liters were added, the tank would be nr011-2.jpg  full.  How many liters does the tank hold when it is full?



Jack goes on a 120-km bike ride.  He covers the first half of the distance averaging a speed of  25 km/hr. In order to average
30 km/hr for the entire trip, how many kilometers per hour must his average speed be during the second half of the trip?


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